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MARK RUFFALO: A ' HULK' MOVIE WILL NEVER HAPPENRuffalo started to say that the ending was "like every other Marvel movie" and ultimately it just "doesn't end well for the superheroes," but moments later he exclaimed: "Wait until you see this next one! " a visibly shocked Cheadle responded while shaking his head.DON CHEADLE EXPRESSES CONCERNS AHEAD OF 2020: ' I DON' T KNOW' WHO CAN BEAT TRUMP' Back in 2017, Ruffalo, 51, infamously shared a little too much about the ending of "Avengers: Infinity War" while doing an interview for "Good Morning America" alongside Cheadle. Realizing his mistake Ruffalo asked his co-star: "Am I in trouble?At the time, the interviewer asked the stars if they succeeded in saving Asgard in the latest installment of the franchise, to which Ruffalo asked Cheadle if he could reveal "a little.""I wouldn’t say too much, but you can say as much, I mean, hey, it’s your career," Cheadle replied. ""A little," admitted Cheadle before suggesting that Ruffalo "just move on" from the comment.Sure, Ruffalo perfectly demonstrates the ideal version of an actual nice guy, with a crush on his female friend that never turns creepy or entitled, pretty much the perfect man who has been right in front of your eyes this whole time, but seriously, shut your laptop, turn off the television, just stop. The point is that smart, sensitive, Kenosha, Wisconsin-born Mark Ruffalo is not your boyfriend.But hey, you are not the Mark Ruffalo of girlfriends, okay? Related article: Revisit everyone’s MCU relationship status pre-After surviving the fight against Thanos on Titan, Tony was left stranded with Nebula aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship called the Benatar. (Weird.)But Gamora had daddy issues so serious that Thanos abducted her and then threw her off a cliff all so he could get a shiny orange stone 🔶 that helped him wipe out half the universe. right now, by brushing up on the romantic status of every major relationship in the MCU in chronological order, grappling with the uncertainty of who might be resurrected. It’s always you,” he says to Pepper at the beginning of the first with Drax watching.

🤢 Peter was among those dusted in Thanos’ Decimation. These two characters might not ever get the closure they deserve, even if there’s still a spark between them, but especially while the Hulk refuses to show up to the fight, Nat and Bruce have a better chance of patching things up than most couples on this list.

Perhaps he’s a good listener, or an excellent cook, or is kind to strangers.

These are all admirable traits that deserve to be noticed, even if they’re not as great as, say, the unfussy feminism and down-to-Earth humility of Mark Ruffalo, who always seems really chill even though he has Avengers money which is neither here nor there but it would be one less thing to worry about.

Though Ruffalo’s ostensibly the lead, I think I’m far more interested in what Gad and Moore are doing.

Especially since the responses to Moore — in her biggest live-action movie role to date — have been unanimously positive.

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Peter spent most of that movie pining after Liz, but after she was forced to move away when Peter put her dad in jail 🕷, things got icy between them.

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