When does lois and clark start dating

When does lois and clark start dating

The Arrest of Superman 9Kb Lois has a secret, Clark is busy, Metropolis is full of weirdness, and now they want to arrest Superman. Find out in this tongue-in-cheek response to Hazel's Plot Un-twist Challenge. The Cape of Good Hope 20Kb The story of a young man coming to terms with the death of his hero.Calamari Dreamin' 12Kb The challenge: Write a story including a list of random items. Chi, Beta 53Kb A fic in honor of Beta Reader Appreciation Day.

(Episode # 7 of The Unaired Fifth Season) Be Careful What You Wish For 349Kb An elseworld story set after the episode "AKA: Superman." I'm Getting Married...A "guardian angel" named Beta is introduced to "Chi of Steel" resulting in a humorous "beta version" of the episode.Clark's Pet Peeve 3Kb Coming home from a date with Lois, Clark is surprised to find another woman waiting for him. The Discovery 1Kb A short scenario in which a mysterious villain deduces the secret identity of Superman.Ordinary People 34Kb Jimmy Olsen feels nobody gives him any respect at the Daily Planet, so he's going to try for a job at the Star as a cub reporter.Pursuing an idea for a Superman interview, Jimmy finds himself in a scrape with gangsters.

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to find out that the world is imperiled by a fast-approaching asteroid.

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