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A playlist called "My best" in the ML might not be present on your i Pod - and the other way round.It is even possible to have a playlist with the same name but different songs in it on the i Pod and in the ML.Smart Playlists are created based on rules you set up, and are automatically updated as your library changes.Adding a song to a playlist does not remove it from the library; it places a pointer (or reference) to the file in the playlist.Search with non - English characters does not work on some machines Download latest Version, a search bug has been fixed in V1.5 Sometimes it makes problems if you have more than 1 network adapter (beside wlan). Be sure wlan is active before you start Winamp In order to display Albumart, an Albumart image must be added to your music file.

The playlists on the i Pod are independent of the ones in the Winamp Media Library (unless you sync them).

(For the edit button to work, you need Winamp 5.04 or better.) Use either the Simple View Editor or Advanced Editor to develop your query.

When you're done, just press OK to get back to the playlist.

Playlists are lists of songs (or other items from your library, such as audiobooks) that you can create to organize your library.

For example, you might want to create a list of songs to listen to while jogging.

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They are enqued to the last position of the playlist.

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