Teen dating violence epidemic tyra

Teen dating violence epidemic tyra

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Season 4, Episode 118March 24, 2009Relationships are discussed by authors Whitney Casey ("The Man Plan"); Steve Harvey ("Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man"); and Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent ("How to Love Like a Hot Chick").

These conversations need to happen repeatedly, naturally, as a part of sharing life together.

Their brains’ ability to think through the consequences of a behavior prior to acting on their impulses is not fully developed until around 24 years old. Because their identities are still forming, teens frequently look for validation and acceptance from their dating partners. Teens normally learn how to how to function within a dating context and how to manage emotions from the adults in their lives.The vast majority of middle school students define control and jealousy as signs of true love rather as signs of abuse.Also, perpetrators of teen violence are more evenly split between male and female than in adult relationships.Parents, teachers and other adults must understand how pervasive dating violence is and actively work to help teens prevent this and know what to do if it happens to them. Teenagers learn how to be in healthy relationships from the adults in their lives.Parents and teachers need to talk about how they think about and interact with their partners.

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When they don’t receive this affirmation consistently, it can be devastating. Teens who do not have these adult connections instead draw information about how to date primarily from peers and the media.

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