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Rules dating your best friends brother

Eliza was wearing a white, One Direction t-shirt and red, pajama pants that had tiny superheroes on them.

Despite it being the middle of the night, her long, blonde hair looked just as smooth and straight as it usually does. “Hey, Eliza,” I lowered the movie's volume so I could hear her talk. Sorry I woke you up though.” “Oh, yeah you're welcome,” she answered me, “No problem. “Glad to hear it,” I told her, resting my head against the cushion behind me.

Emma Stone stars as Skeeter, an aspiring writer, who becomes friends with her family's maid.

Together, they write a book about the struggles of African-Americans in the segregated 1960s.

It's hard to imagine becoming friends with someone your boyfriend is cheating on you with, but hey, getting even on a two-timer is the ultimate girl power move!

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Toys, in this case, being defined as his ,000 movie projector.

One of the benefits in being friends with Carter, besides that his refrigerator holds an endless supply of ginger ale, is his movie selection.

Even when Torrance starts crushing on Missy's brother, the girls remain friends 'til the end. In this movie, Jess (played by British Indian actress Parminder Nagra) is obsessed with soccer, but her parents won't let her play because it goes against their cultural beliefs that girls shouldn't play sports.

Jess joins a local team on the DL and becomes super-close with Jules (played by Kiera Knightley).

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After you watch it, think about how you and your friends can team up for good.

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