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If we turned on a garden hose and used that constant rate of water to fill up a barrel, but I drilled holes in the side of the barrel, the hose would begin to fill up the barrel, but as the water got higher, more of it would begin to leak out.At a certain point, the water level would stay in place unless we turn up the rate of water or plugged up the holes.All scientists can do, and all they have done, is test the carbon levels in a few areas of our atmosphere, and everything else is the same.This already creates a serious problem because all measuring tools require a constant with which to measure anything.Further still, we are To determine the origin of something, we must refer to eye-witness accounts (aka historical evidence) because science is limited on what it can determine.

It is not possible that anyone could know that unless you travel back in time and get accurate measurements for things we cannot measure!C14 in the atmosphere would eventually reach equilibrium.Willard Libby, the inventor of carbon dating, did some research on equilibrium in the atmosphere.Perhaps we can put together the melted wax and find out tall the candle was before it was lit?Even doing so, we must recognize some wax evaporates with the burning of the candle, irretrievably lost.

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