Old aim chat

Old aim chat

Those magical experiences of just chatting with whoever’s online seem to have been lost.(What’s funny is that companies often design their office spaces to facilitate those chance encounters in the cafeteria or lobby or bathroom. ’ interactions can inspire creativity and catalyze partnerships, being hugely beneficial for company productivity and growth.)Messaging has evolved into many, many more forms, and AIM still happens to be around, along with its descendants Google Chat and Facebook Chat.So maybe we (or, I) just got old and life happened.This was something that could not occur in real life or over the phone — only on AIM.

It started as a chat feature for AOL users and then as the web opened up AIM became available for anyone with an internet connection.‘brb’ or ‘bbl’ or ‘ttyl’ are conventions from when we used to have to give our full attention to that one person at that time.When you’re on the phone, you don’t just hang up, you say ‘bye’.Those Pavlovian opening/closing door sounds triggered the hope that maybe the girl/guy you liked had just signed on.Though you wouldn’t want to message them right away for fear of looking like you were waiting for them to sign on…The opportunity for you to individualize your anonymous online identity (while letting people know that you were an a Zn Gu RL born in ‘86). The ability to have intimate real-time conversations with numerous people at the same time was amazing.

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Sometimes you’d be multitasking and switch back to an AIM window when it started blinking, and other times you’d be focused intensely on that one chat window with the person you were crushing on at the time. Su Pa FLy Boi85 or a Zn Gu RL86), AIM was likely responsible for hundreds of thousands of new relationships and deepened friendships.

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