Master and slave chatting sites

If someone gives you a hassle about giving out this url in a chat, ask them if their boyfriend's name is bin Laden!

The easiest way of all to spot a gor AKA gorean is to give out the URL AKA location of the truth about gor page in an open chat in an area like the GZ of one of the main worlds, and see if somebody says it's a 'hate' page (is it really a 'hate' page when what you're hating is something illegal like slavery??

The prosecution says the Slave phone was used by Ms O'Hara and the Master phone was used by Graham Dwyer. Master: If you don't pick one then it's all four Slave: I don't know sir. Sir u know I can't make choices Master: Ok overnight in woods Slave: Sir, I'll take stabbing Master: Ok but I must see blood Slave: Ok Master: And I want to do it outdoors Slave: Please sir, indoors Master: Why Slave: I'm afraid if outdoors you might kill me Master: I won't kill you. At 17.22 the Slave phone texts master: Slave: Here Sir Master: ok take only keys and Slave phone.

I was goin to go see my niece be4 I went home as there are hols next two weeks! Master: You will have stab wounds, you know the drill.

But, maybe there's a reason the gors don't want you to be warned?

The second group is composed of the small group of people who have proven themselves to be gullible enough to have been conned into thinking that this page shouldn't be taken seriously.

It's probably only a matter of time before somebody in the latter group ends up a victim of an Internet serial killer.

The last I checked, AW has decided that tourists should be restricted to only a few worlds, so many things on this page and others may not apply to them.

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I consider those who are into slavery like the gors to be committing illegal acts, and anti-American! It is reporting the facts (and in some cases, stating my opinion) and I've even provided links and pictures in some cases so you can verify things for yourself and I believe everything I put on this page to be true!

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