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Karen miday cincinnati trans dating

Great public universities are built not only with state support, which can be quite unpre- dictable, but w ith the resources pro\ ided by alumni and friends. I was one of the DJs on Yawn Patrol (I have a promotional poster to prove it) and did play-by-play for basket- ball and baseball. And true to the mission of the project, the stu- dents took control, conducting research and interviewing environ- mental activists, merchants, coal min- ers and politicians.

These committed indi\ idu- als always have made a difference at Ohio L'niversity, helping to bring a margin of excel- lence to academic, scholarship, cultural, athletic and recreational programs. A few corrections are in order: We played more than instrumentals and classical music. Students then organized their results into a readers forum for the national conference.

"This entire project promises to make the region more accessible for Ohio University students, parents, alimini and area businesses and their clients." Snyder's gift makes possible a 7,()0()-sciuare- foot terminal, about two and a half times larger than the existing struc- ture at the Albany facili- t\.

The terminal will house airport staff, counters for commuter airline and rental car ser- \ ices and baggage and passenger w aiting areas. The name of the airport will remain the Ohio University Gordon K. — J ark Ji'ffery Send us a piece of your past ■-.« aybe it's a photo of you and your date decked out for J-Prom.

A new Ohio University study on names and occupations suggests that people subconsciously predict career success for those with names that more closely match the gender stereotype associated with a profession.

Study participants forecasted that women with such names as Emma, Marta, Irma and Winifred would be more likely to have suc- cessfid careers if they pursued tra- ditional female occupations such as nurse, hairstylist and interior deco- rator.

"To have a great university, you need to have economic balance. The extension will allow larger planes to land and improve access for Ohio University aviation majors and Avionics Engineering Center researchers. Or ticket stubs from a 197()s Bruce Sprmgsteen concert in Mem Aud. W hether the mementos of your col- lege days are tucked away in a closet or simply in the back of your mind, the Ohio University Press is hoping you'll ^ ^^ share them for possi- ^^ji^/ ble inclusion in W^^ "The Ohio ■l' 'I University ^^^ Bicentennial Book." The publi- cation, a cross between a coffee table book and a scrapbook, is being pub- lished in conjunction with the University's 20()th anniversary in 2004.

One way to achieve that balance is to have access to the region," says Snyder, a businessman from Lakewood, Ohio. "What we have in mind is a mosa- ic portrait of Ohio University, depicting the ideas and lives that have kept it vigorous for 200 years," says David Sanders, director of the Ohio llniversity Press.

"This should open up economic and other opportunities for the entire region," says Ohio I'niversity Pres- ident Robert (jlidden.

Although employ- ers weigh several factors when judging candidates for job openings, the gen- der match between an applicant's name and the occupation co Lild have a subcon- scious impact, Briming says.

"I wouldn't over- estimate the impact of names, but at the same time, names are an important part of first impres- sions," he says.

More than half of the money raised between now and 2004 will be used to draw the most renowned \ scholars, outstanding professors and promising stil- ls, dents to the University. Students' interviews offered a poignant view of coal mining in southeast- ern Ohio, as this comment from a former coal camp resident illustrates: "Sometimes, before school, I had to go to the company store.

Through the years, private donors have helped us make strides in recruiting such indi\iduals through the establishment of endowed chairs, named professorships, scholarships and fellowships, "^et, in these areas, we remain woefully behind institutions with which we aspire to compete. The campaign also will help us remain an education leader with such additions to cam- pus as cutting-edge library technology and a "smart" classroom building featuring the lat- est electronic capabilities. We didn't use money We used a script CARE seniors Eva Conrad (left) and Denise Bunsey pose with a card that kept a rimning backdrop they helped create for a coal project presentation, bill.

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"The experience they had was so much better than just reading about these issues in a book." — Nanetti- K/ilis Hank: hairstylist or handyman?

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