Go dutch dating

Go dutch dating

If it’s early in your relationship suggesting going Dutch will make you look like you’re not very interested in her.If it’s a first date and you don’t know the woman very well, suggesting to go Dutch will be the kiss of death for many women. But if she really insists on going Dutch from the very first date, I think it’s perfectly fine.

Sometimes, it could be a case of the guy paying for the first meal in one date and the girl offering to pay for the next meal.I’m 54 and have been married for 20 years, so I’m probably more old fashioned about things.I do believe that the person who does the asking out should be the one who offers to pay.This split in opinion is highlighted in Lunch Actually Annual Singles Dating Survey 2018, which found that while 47% of women think that they should go Dutch, only 33% of men think they should be splitting the bill.We asked 10 Singaporean guys in their 20s about how they really feel about girls who want to go Dutch on the first date, and they spoke to us on the condition of anonymity (which means, more honest opinions, right? Scroll through the gallery to find out what they think.

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It shows that the girl doesn’t feel entitled that the guy has to treat her.

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