Dating shes says shes not ready

Dating shes says shes not ready

we usually argue a little about if we should date or not. (make us boyfriend and girlfriend) because she feels if we do that.. She has been very busy for the bast few days so we havent seen each other in like 5 days.. Today we were talking and we were both agreeing that , yes we want to date eachother.. We also agreed that 2 people having the connection we have.. It seems like everyday we have the same conversation.. but if i just hang around and dont pressure her then i think thats bad too? By the way, if you want to learn more about how to create an intense urge in her to chase you to be YOUR girlfriend, then learn the Hey Cam, first off – great job getting back on the horse working on yourself, hitting the gym, looking for a job, and getting a therapist. Those things all make you better and more attractive as a person.Because if you love yourself, and you respect yourself, you do things like this for yourself… Instead of “Masculine” communication, this is “Feminine” communication that is OK to use if you’re one of her girlfriends, or gay best friend, but if you want to create attraction, it’s terrible. you are driving her crazy with all this relationship talk. Just the superlatives you've used talking about her makes me think that. One to two weeks isn't enough time to give her after her 4 year relationship.

but she says shes simply not ready for a relationship yet.. when we go to the bars we kiss/hold hands/i have my arm around her shoulder and her arm is around my waist. I know it's definitely easier said than done this cause I've been in your place before.Like others have said, cut ties, go try to find someone else.Don't drag yourself through hell for someone who isn't all-in on you. You presumed exclusivity with her without discussion and you have an (unjustly) negative view of women who date multiple people at once. It means that she doesn't want a relationship, whether that means not with you or not at all is irrelevant. It's likely that from her experience she is able to say what she does and doesn't want fairly accurately Move on.Cut ties, take a breather, and get back out there with someone better, because there are definitely better women out there. Feelings are feelings and you're feeling hurt isn't invalid, but you can never presume exclusivity, regardless of length of time, number of dates, etc. Also looking through your history I noticed that there's a fairly significant age difference. Its never a good sign when a girl says she's "not ready." Its typically bullshit girls say to protect themselves from being hurt by telling the truth, trust me I have experience with this.

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There is a lot of details so I will try and mention everything. when i say that she usually is like "you do have a choice!!!

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