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Her husband Frank blames her, Timmy haunts her, as she struggles against guilt and grief for permission to heal. Rewritten as Inquest it was performed by students at the University of Galway in the 1990s, and had a NYC table reading at the Lark in 2003. A rejection letter I got back from a Denver Theatre said "This play could set the Women's Liberation Movement back 100 years." The Prophet Freeman Still-current tale about the cult of a charismatic miracle-working man of the soil whose preaching inspires desperate Midwestern farmers faced with foreclosure to enlist in the Almighty's Patriot Army, where they plan to fight the banksters greed and the government's corruption. Finalist for Midwest Play Lab, and the Texas Auggie contest.

Amazons A dedicated band of Goddess worshippers plans to rid the world of war and ecological disaster by eliminating the aggressive source of all its problems: men. No Secrets, No Lies The World's Greatest Hacker takes on the military-industrial complex in the name of freedom. The T Show: Breaking In At the MBTA In 1977 the author entered the MBTA's first Affirmative Action job lottery, and won the opportunity to be a member of the first group of Lady Operators ever hired by the Boston transit system.

Some are preceded by a detailed synopsis including plot, issues, theme and/or genre such as romantic comedy or political drama: all include character descriptions with gender and age range of actors required, technical resources needed for set, etc. Granny Wears Combat Boots Activist Grannies are the left's version of the Tea Party, free at last to act out the radical 60s idealism suppressed by the Reagan Revolution. Set in and around the haunted Tanglewood building where the poet and the composer work. Modified Rapture Two divorced women, firm friends from the days when they were in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas at Girls' Latin, try to help each other flourish in the Church Basement G & S troupe where they perform and in their entanglement with the ill-matched men in their lives: Jane's Matt is 12 years older than Jane is, while Peggy's Tom is 12 years younger. Vicky spent election night in jail, arrested for trying to vote for herself.

Testimonial: I'd like to encourage many to read Geralyn's "Under Siege" - it is an important, important piece of work, and challenges ALL. Determined to inspire younger generations to organize, agitate, and vote the rightwing rascals out, neither illness, frailty, conflicted loyalties, threats, arrest or even death can daunt them. Historical drama, researched and accepted as my Thesis Project for an MA in Women's Studies at Goddard/Cambridge in 1976.

Every entrepreneur knows what I’m talking about, yet most are reluctant to end these poisonous relationships: Letting go of your first “problem client” can be an emotionally charged experience, but honestly it’s one of the most important milestones in your businesses.

As you read the scripts below, remember the 4 main goals when ending the relationship: Remember the scripts below are just guidelines to frame your phone or in-person conversation.

lol.)Providing a list of action steps: Since you’re goal is to sever the relationship cleanly and professionally, it’s your job to manage the client’s expectations. Real life example: Below is a screenshot of the first “problem client” I ever let go.

Scheduled for development at the Sundance Lab in 1990 and for a premiere in LA by the Burbage Ensemble that fall, the Burbage production-- excellent in previews-- never opened.

Church in 1977, and in a Hoboken theatre in the 1980s. Cast: 4-8 women and 3-7 men, ages 20's through 70's; with doubling.

Choices - aka Under Siege Set in a Boston-area abortion clinic where bomb scares and death threats are part of a counselors' job description, the play charts the maturation of an idealistic young counselor who learns from her colleagues how to use humor to cope with the pain of unwanted pregnancies and the stress of being under siege by pro-life fanatics. Cast: 10-26 women, ages from teens to 50's (smaller roles may be tripled)Written in 1988 with the help of clinic workers who wanted their stories told and workshopped in the basement of Arlington St.

You don’t have to]To avoid an interruption in service please find another person who can meet your needs.

I’ll do my best to make sure there aren’t any issues during the transition process.

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The only problem is that I didn’t include a list of expectations and the transition period dragged on and on — just prolonging the headaches.[Name] — It’s been great working together but due to personal reasons as of [date] I’m no longer going to be able to assist you with [what you do].

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