Been dating for 7 months

Been dating for 7 months

As I returned and exited the bus at the bus stop, I saw that the whole street was cordoned off and evacuated.

Police cars and officers were everywhere and even a SWAT Team was there. I met up with my parents and they explained to me, that the old guy tried to commit suicide and planned to take the whole street with him.

There was never something suspicious and, aside from his usual strange behavior, everything seemed pretty normal.

One morning, that was approximately nine seven years ago, I left as usual my house to catch the school bus.

He looked through the garage window and at first thought the man had a heart attack.

So he broke the window and entered, only to see the man more or less conscious in his car.

Our alarms would go off at am on the weekdays, and we would hear the front door slam shut and if we ran to the windows we would see her going back to her house.

Another time, while paying the pizza delivery man (he had to restart his debit machine so he was standing there a good minute or so), she ran into my lawn screaming, ‘SIR? Then, my mom’s jewelry would be on the stairs coming down from the bedrooms, like it was dropped on the way out.He flooded his entire basement with gasoline and had an improvised bomb in his garden shed, which was essentially a big pile of propane gas tanks tied together.A timer clock and a toaster served as the fuse mechanism for both the bomb and the basement.The thing was, she didn’t sneak up or tiptoe or anything- straight up stomped up the stairs and down the hall.She had done this many times, and my dog was used to her coming and was the shittiest guard dog ever.

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He never spoke to us, just stared, even if we waved or said hi.

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