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Battlefield 2 score not updating

When one of these three classes occupies a vehicle (with the exception of the recon), nearby personnel and vehicles can be replenished, repaired or healed by being in close proximity.In contrast to Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 has only one purely water-based vehicle, the rigid-inflatable boat; however, the BTR-90, the MEC APC, can travel in water as well as the LAV-25 and the WZ 551, the USMC and PLA equivalents, respectively.Players are able to choose a class at the start of a match, or between dying and respawn.Players can also change their class by picking up a "kit" from the body of an incapacitated soldier, friendly or otherwise.Hence, an Assault soldier can become a Medic if they come across a fallen Medic.

Progress in the game is made via promotions which allow additional weapons to be unlocked.

Tickets represent an army's ability to reinforce their position on the battlefield; each team has only a limited supply of tickets, and each casualty on the battlefield reduces the number of available tickets.

Control points represent key points on the map, and are represented by flags.

The game takes place in different fronts, as the Middle East and China are being invaded by US and EU forces, and the United States is being invaded by Chinese and MEC forces.

A sequel, Battlefield 3, was released in October 2011.

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Battlefield 2 is a multiplayer video game played via the Internet or on a local area network.

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