Are reid and paige from bachelor pad dating whos dating who in hollywood

Are reid and paige from bachelor pad dating

But unsurprisingly, he's not exactly keen on making friends with Ed if he shows up... Ed admits that he was "not an angel" when he was dating Jillian and confirms that rumors of his infidelity in the tabloids weren't completely untrue."I was not prepared to be in a serious relationship at that point," he says, adding that he lives the bachelor lifestyle now. Except she's got a surprise for Blakely: "[She] thinks her and I are besties.But he's excited to hang out with beautiful women on together... Really, we're fremenies." She goes on to talk about how Blakely waxes, while she has a college education. Kalon: All this guy needs to say is: "I'm back." Yes, yes you are! ", I'm going to ruin your f**king summer." I'm kind of hoping he's not just all talk, though.Kalon turned America against him by calling Emily Maynard's daughter "baggage", but he doesn't really seem to mind too much. Meeting the fans So we've got some details of the familiar faces who'll be heading through the mansion doors, but what about the super fans who are going to be joining them? Paige: Paige is about this, and is already dreaming of pairing up with Chris or Michael Stagliano.

Michael is next, and he insists that he's looking for love - he was so focused on the game last time (hey, he did win.) Sarah is excited because she thinks he's a nice guy - Tony, not so much. Well, here is Kalon, driving up in a fancy car and throwing the keys to Chris Harrison like he's some kind of valet. (Brilliantly, we see Chris drive it later, which makes me happy.) Kalon and Erica already have some awkward moments together (Erica kind of weirdly says Kalon wants to be like the idea of fans joining the show, even though they're kind of the only reason any of these people are here. Oh, wait, here's Erica Rose, squeezing her chest: "There's only room for one set of twins in this house and it's not those two girls." Oh goodness. Ed somehow gets insanely drunk very quickly, strips off and dives into the pool (Donna - and her love for her bikini - is not far behind).So thank God Bachelor Pad is back, full of promises of tears, tantrums and triumphs.The big twist this season, of course, is that will be a different experience.Chris is the first to arrive, though he's nervous about being the first in (while still hoping when her former co-star Rachel shows up.Sarah, from Brad's first season - kicked out in the third episode - is the sixth contestant in, while Ryan (from De Anna's season) follows: "I am so ready to find love." We already know Reid's showing up so it's no surprise to see him, but it interesting that the tension between him and Ed is clearly still there (as Ed reminisces about beating him, basically, it's all kind of awkward.) Jaclyn is next and insists she has the "full package" since she knows how to be fake and manipulative. It's not long before she's plotting with Rachel, either, as they agree they don't want Blakely to show up.

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The only thing that could get in her way is her crush on Michael. Brittany and Erica think they've got an advantage, because (if you hadn't noticed) they're twins.

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